How do you sing a growl

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"Honey," she nags, "why do you always go out on the balcony when I sing?"

Honey: "I'm just letting you see me so the neighbors don't think I'm going to hit you."

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FrauMüller cleans the apartment and sings to herself. Suddenly her husband stands behind her and growls:

"You could have told me that you were singing. I've been oiling the garden door for half an hour!"

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Little Niki can't fall asleep. "Should I sing him to sleep?" Thinks the mother.

"You'd better wait a little longer", her father soothes her, "try something good first."

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A man is asked by the usher in the opera: "Would you like a text book, sir?"

The man answered friendly: "No, thanks. I won't sing along today!"

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A police officer controls a street musician. After the policeman has looked at the identity card, he says to the musician: "Please come with me."

"Of course, Herr Wachtmeister, what do you want to sing?"

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