What happened to Ahsoka after Anakin defected

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Short storyRomance, Pain / Consolation / P18 / Gen
Grand Admiral ThrawnOC (Own Character)
The siblings Gracy and Galib do their part of the resistance by sabotaging the imperial war machines in a factory on Lothal. When they are caught on an inspection, their mother takes the blame. Little do they suspect that nothing they say or do can save their mother from the hands of the Grand Admiral. (Thrawn / Maris)
StoryHumor, Love Story / P18 / Mix
Grand Admiral ThrawnOC (Own Character)
Arihnda Pryce has had enough of Grand Admiral Thrawn and his games, she and her friend want to get rid of him, when a near-death experience and a mysterious woman from Lothal come at just the right time ... But then a murder happens on board the Chimaera and the diversion threatens fail ... (slight parody, pairing: Thrawn X female OC, secondary pairing: Arihnda Pryce X female OC, Femslash)
HistoryAdventure, Friendship / P16 / Gen
Din DjarinOC (Own Character)
A few years before "The Force Awakens" - The young Jedi Neya has been assigned to watch the Mandalorian who recently brought the little grogu to Luke Skywalker. But a lot goes wrong with the shading and she improvises to save her job. Which brings her on an adventurous journey together with the Mandalorian, with whom she doesn't really get along and who first have to learn to get along with each other in order to survive ...
HistoryAdventure, Sci-Fi / P16 / Gen
21 NSY: The imperial agent Velva Suvlo is set against a powerful opponent by her superior - the cunning and rebellious Moff Vered. Vered recently defected to the New Empire - an imperial successor organization to the mighty Galactic Empire - and is not particularly cooperative with the imperial central authority. As ruler of the important outer rim world Jaemus, the Moff controls the war-essential Sienar shipyards and thus enjoys a certain freedom of fools. That is why a sure instinct is required - which our agents have a lot of benefit from. The motto is: If you have not fought an enemy with violence, you have to destroy him politically!
Enumeration / ListGeneral / P12 / Gen
Ben SkywalkerLeia OrganaLuke SkywalkerRey
I guess the title explains what it's about, but again: It is a discussion of the different scenes of the film "The Rise of Skywalker" If you liked the film, you shouldn't read it, one chapter deals with the beautiful things, the rest is negative.
HistoryFriendship / P16 / Gen
Ahsoka TanoAnakin Skywalker / Darth Vader
She wanted so badly to become a Jedi Knight, but working with her master Anakin is not going well at all. Will they manage to work together or will there be arguments to the end?
HistoryGeneral / P16 / Gen
Ahsoka TanoAnakin Skywalker / Darth VaderDarth MaulObi-Wan KenobiSheev Palpatine / Darth Sidious
Anakin suffers from the loss of his padawan, but the war does not give him time. Obi-Wan has also lost someone and therefore more than an open account with a horned Zabrak. Maul has returned to his former master as a prisoner and is waiting for a task or for its end, whichever comes sooner. Barriss has escaped the clutches of the republic through a certain someone and finally decides to devote himself to the dark side. Ahsoka has left everything she knew and is about to start a new life, but the past cannot simply be forgotten. And everywhere Darth Sidious has his fingers in the game, ready to achieve the obvious goal. // The darkness rises ...
History parody, family / P12 / Gen
Ahsoka TanoAnakin Skywalker / Darth VaderObi-Wan KenobiPadmé Naberrie AmidalaSheev Palpatine / Darth SidiousYoda
That happens when Finerafin and Spirity meet and after two hours they lie on the floor laughing. Have fun :)
HistoryGeneral / P18 / Gen
The "shadow warriors" stand on the edge. Everything they had was wiped out. Only three of them are still alive and doing everything to breathe new life into their order. But two masters and a student did not choose the easiest way ... Part 5 of 7 so far
HistoryGeneral / P12 / Gen
Ahsoka TanoAnakin Skywalker / Darth VaderBarriss OffeeCT-7567 / Captain Rex
(The author did not provide a brief description of this story.)
DrabbleGeneral / P16 / MaleSlash
FinnGeneral HuxHan SoloKylo RenRey
Short Stories of Star Wars 7.
History Sci-Fi / P12 / Gen
Lillian Terr is a Jedi and in training. After failing the newly introduced mid-term exam, she has the chance to prove her skills during a mission on her home planet. However, their full focus is not on the mission, but rather on their visions that point to an impending catastrophe. But what does that mean?
Short story Sci-Fi, love story / P18 / Gen
Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader
What if Anakin had stayed with the slave queen Miraj Scintel? Had sworn his eternal loyalty to her to save his friends? Will the cruel Zygerrian manage to win over the young Jedi? Because every queen needs a king ... || SW || The Clone Wars || TCW || Anakin x? || AU ||
StorySupernatural, Love Story / P12 / MaleSlash
FinnGeneral HuxHan SoloKylo RenLeia OrganaRey
I was always lucky, really always. As if it wasn't enough that my parents split up. No, my mother moves several times a year. Every time a change of school, every time to find new friends, slowly this becomes more and more difficult. Often students don't want to have anything to do with me, they look at me crookedly from the side. Will I really be able to arrive somewhere, find friends with whom I can meet after school, or is my mother already packing for the next move to a strange city? [Kylux - Modern AU] ((Boy x Boy))
List / ListFriendship, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Kylux OS collection from all AUs that may exist | We are very much at "Make a wish". Are you still missing a specific Kylux topic? Can't find a German Fic about it? Well, let's solve the problem together. Incidentally, smaller OSs come up here from time to time. | Write me your wish! | Each story has its own age rating, everything from P12 to P18. | [Current project: Smuggler! AU | Next project: Mermaid! AU]
HistoryFantasy, Sci-Fi / P18 / Gen
Ahsoka TanoAnakin Skywalker / Darth VaderArligan ZeyObi-Wan KenobiPadmé Naberrie AmidalaSatine Kryze
The story takes place at the time of the Clone Wars. Everyone knows our favorite protagonists, but we also know that all of this is beautifully presented. I try to add character traits to the characters. I don't want to reinvent it, I want to add to it. How is Padmè when she's drunk? What happened behind the hearsay between Obi-Wan and Satine? What happens when clones see their comrades die? Who looks in the mirror and sees the monster that you are? Contains: sex, violence, explicit use of language. I would be happy if you review your feedback. :)
Short storyFamily, pain / consolation / P12 / Het
Ahsoka TanoAnakin Skywalker / Darth VaderObi-Wan KenobiOC (Own Character) Padmé Naberrie AmidalaQui-Gon Jinn
The earth. The origin of mankind. The only planet where there is life, there is people. Well, at least that's what I thought until they got me off her .. Or did they? - Part of my BLUE saga
StoryAdventure, love story / P12 / Gen
TROS ALTERNATIVES ENDE / REYLO: REY makes the highest sacrifice in the history of the galaxy for her family, who are struggling for their freedom in a last desperate rebellion via Exegol. BEN SOLO is too late. From the shadows he has to watch as the girl he loves more than life itself falls into darkness and ascends a throne that he has sworn to destroy. While darkness and light swap places in an unprecedented Chiamus, the power bond, the glistening diad between the last Skywalker and the last Palpatine is stronger than ever - and Ben will not rest until he has paid his debt to Rey and the same for she did as she did before for him.
HistoryGeneral / P12 / Gen
Aayla SecuraAnakin Skywalker / Darth VaderKit FistoObi-Wan KenobiOC (Own Character) Qui-Gon Jinn
Lana is an Earth girl, she was adopted and her birth parents are unknown. She was discovered on earth and taken to the Jedi Temple, where she meets Obi-wan. But what happens when you meet a little boy ... Qui-gon Jinn thinks this boy is the chosen one. According to prophecy, Obi-wan and Lana would then be the masters of the chosen one ...
HistoryAdventure / P12 / Gen
This galaxy is not all about Jedi, pilots, smugglers and bounty hunters. Rather, there are billions of beings who lead a life that is not even half as glamorous. Here's the story of one: Private Jenna Melara, rebel soldier. And she has a lot to tell.
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