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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does zeufix have to be installed on a school server and how can colleagues work with it?
Zeufix can be reached via the Internet and runs on one of our security servers. You do not need your own installation. You can work with zeufix from any computer with internet access - even from home. The address is:

How do I get access to my school?
Click here and fill out the form. Your full access is set up in 5 minutes - free of charge and completely without obligation for you to test!

How can I order
Please refer Order

Which operating systems are supported?
Zeufix is ​​an internet application. The operation takes place via any internet browser. The operating system of the computer does not matter. With Mac or Windows or even the iPad. You can work with zeufix with any modern browser.

There are strict rules and regulations regarding the layout. Can I create 100% compliant LEBs with zeufix?
Yes you can. We have clearly marked all the necessary settings in the program settings. If you make the settings like this, all printouts are 100% identical to the official templates.
You can switch off the limitation of the text fields or the printing of empty compartments in the program settings. You have the choice.

Can several people work on a learning development report at the same time?
Yes - every teacher has their own login and can log in to zeufix. Depending on the authorization (school management, class teacher, subject teacher), the respective subjects can be worked on. Working in parallel is no problem.

Is it safe? Is zeufix GDPR-compliant?
Your data is secured by two-factor authentication and SSL encryption. Our security servers are in Germany. Our database is backed up daily so that nothing is lost. Further information on data protection / the EU GDPR can be found here.

Do updates have to be installed later and does that cost extra?
No and no. We import all updates centrally and are automatically available to all schools immediately. This does not result in any further costs.

The field sizes for entering text are limited in the official template. Does zeufix pay attention to that?
With your school principal access you have the option of “Admin”> ”Program Settings”> ”Limitation and Display of Text Fields” different options to choose. Choose
Input: limited text length. Printing: fields in standard size, to correspond exactly to the official template.
Alternatively, the following options are available:
- Input: unlimited text length. Printing: automatic size adjustment.
- Input: unlimited text length with warning message. Printing: automatic size adjustment.
- Input: unlimited text length with warning message. Print: Fields in standard size (text that is too long may be cut off).
- Input: limited text length. Printing: automatic size adjustment.
You have the choice.

Is there also zeufix for primary school?
Yes. You can also use Zeufix for primary school. Text modules especially for elementary school are already integrated and can be used immediately.

The layout of an elementary school certificate does not meet my expectations - can I adjust it myself?
With the headmaster login you can define some layout settings (e.g. font size) for your school under the menu item “Program Settings”.
In the case of primary school certificates, due to the diverse framework conditions (paper size, font size, amount of text entered, ...) it is not easy to meet all expectations at all times. We are continuously improving the automatic formatting, but deliberately refrain from offering individual design options. If you give us a specific printout of the certificate in your account, as well as your criticisms of the layout, we will be happy to check it out.

We would be interested in zeufix. Can you come to us for a performance at the school?
We are happy to offer a presentation or training at your location. Since our prices do not include any advertising events, please understand that we charge a fee of 195 EUR plus travel costs. In return, you will not receive an advertising event, but an introduction to the real system, so that the participants will be able to work with zeufix immediately afterwards.
You are welcome to set up your own full test access to zeufix in advance via our homepage without obligation.
You will also find some training videos on our homepage that explain the first steps. We are happy to put you in touch with schools in your area that are already working with zeufix.

Does zeufix have a spell checker?
There is no spell check built into zeufix itself. However, since you are working with your Internet browser, the integrated spelling control of your browser is automatically available to you. Current browsers have this function preinstalled. If necessary, install a current browser or expand your browser with an add-on. Instructions can easily be found on the Internet by searching for your browser name plus “Spell Checker” - e.g. “Internet Explorer Spell Checker” or “Chrome Spell Checker”.
In Firefox you first have to download and install a dictionary for Germany from
Then you can activate the spell check with the right mouse button in the text field.

Can quarter notes also be entered?
In the grade fields you can enter grades in any form (2.1, 3+, 3-4, 60%). If necessary, Zeufix automatically converts this into decimal format with two possible decimal places. With LEB printing, you can choose how the notes are output. The quarter notes option is available here. Commas 2 and 3 are output as “-” and commas 7 and 8 as “+”. In the program settings (with the headmaster login) you can also choose whether you want to print quarter notes as “+” / ”-” or as “plus” / ”minus”.

In our school we only count in percentile ranks and no longer with grades.
Can we enter the percentages directly instead of grades?

Yes - The entry and display of grades can be completely switched between grades and percentile ranks in the program settings. The conversion takes place automatically. But you can also enter a percentage value in normal grade fields at any time, which is then converted immediately.

Can we create our own subjects and what is the order of the subjects in the LEB?
In the program settings, you can choose whether the subjects from the official template are pre-assigned to the subjects, or whether you want to freely design the subjects. You then have the option of renaming, adding or deleting subjects for each class at any time. You can use the small arrows on the right-hand side of the list to influence the order of the display, as it is also used when printing out the LEBs.
In order to comply with the official requirements, there is the option ‘Subject canon limited to the currently valid official form in the program settings - cannot be changed! Subjects that have not been taught are issued with the note ‘Will not be taught in this class level’. (Official specification) ’. With this setting, an alternative canon of subjects is not possible.
You have the choice.

When printing, headers or footers are not displayed or are cut off / The margin settings are incorrect
Your printer is likely to cut these off while printing. If necessary, change the setting “Page size” from 100% to “Print whole page” when printing from your PDF program. If you are using the Chrome browser, please first download the PDF files to your computer and print them with the Acrobat Reader. Chrome's internal print function changes the margin settings.

I would like to change or improve a LEB / certificate from the last school year
Subsequent changes in previous school years are possible with the headmaster login.
After logging in, select in the menu: Overview / LEBs / Time travel.
In our training videos you will find detailed instructions in the “Time travel” chapter.
About the “Admin”> ”Program Settings”> ”Advanced Settings” you can also give class teachers the right to “travel in time”.

In our school there is a need to occasionally assign LEBs with grades afterwards.
All your entries are saved in zeufix and can be edited at any time during the school year. Even changes in previous school years are possible for the school management using the “time travel” function (see above).
In the program settings you have two options for entering notes:
1) Entering grades is only visible or possible if a grade request has been entered for the student
2) All students can enter grades - they are only printed out in the LEB / certificate if they want grades
Many schools opt for variant 2) and assign “shadow grades” to all pupils. It is then very easy to print out grade certificates afterwards, even if individual colleagues are no longer at the school. All you have to do is activate the student's grade request and generate the LEB again.

Do we need an extra module for exam administration (secondary and secondary school exams)?
No - the complete examination administration is integrated in zeufix and is available for grades 9 and 10 for the secondary and secondary school leaving certificate. In the module for the WRS, technical secondary school qualifications can also be recorded.

After the school year change, there are no more students in the system. Are these not automatically carried over to the next school year?
No - the student data will not be copied from the last school year.You can import class lists more conveniently and, above all, error-free via the import (school file, ASV or SVP). Experience has shown that this approach is easier than having to maintain all incoming and outgoing items twice in zeufix.

I have forgotten my login data or my password. How do I get new login details?
If you have forgotten your login data, please contact your school management only. For security reasons, we do not reset any passwords centrally. For forgotten school principal login data, please send an email to [email protected], we will then get in touch with you.

Where is the certificate date administered?
The certificate date is requested directly when printing. It is automatically saved in the background for each HJ and separated according to GS / GMS and test certificates and then used later as a suggestion for all printing processes. Central administration is therefore not necessary.

In class 5 (GMS) the subject “basic media education” is missing
The official LEB form does not provide for an entry for “Basic course media education”.
With the program setting “Subject canon freely configurable” or the class setting “Education plan: Free subject canon (LEB)” you can manually create any subjects and print them out in the LEB. The POD generated in this way then no longer corresponds to the official specifications.

Can we have multiple headmaster accounts?
You only need the headmaster account (= admin account) to manage your license, edit your school data or change the program settings for your school.
This account is only available once and it should be accessible to the school management.
For all technical-administrative tasks (access to all certificate data, teacher account management, student import from school management, ...) it is sufficient to check the “school management team” in the teacher account settings. (Only possible with the headmaster account)

Can I use the 1st grade school report in primary school for special needs students in all grades?
The certificate models used are always based on the grade level. If you want to create a school report as in class 1 or 2, you can create a separate class for the student in levels 1 or 2. However, you can use the “Alternative name (print)” field in the class settings to display the class you have attended in the certificate.

Can I store the level at which this was achieved in the grade administration for each performance record and / or can different grading codes be stored for the different levels?
There is deliberately no selection of the level (and consequently also the clef for each level) per grade. The grade management calculates a grade that can be taken over directly as the final grade in the “Assessment” area. Since there is only one possible level for the final grade in the LEB, grades can only be entered and calculated for each student in the grade management for one level. There is no different level assignment for each proof of learning, because then the question inevitably arises how the individual grades of different levels should be offset against each other, or what happens if the level of a grade is subsequently changed - such an automatic calculation is not permitted. The same applies to the subsequent change in the overall level of a student: If different grading codes were deposited, zeufix would expect that the grades can be recalculated automatically based on the new code, which would also not be permitted.
Instead, set up grade types for the different levels for each performance record so that you can store individual clefs. With this approach, the conversions remain in the teacher's area of ​​responsibility when changing levels.