What is the method of performing telekinesis

We are constantly being fooled

Why is it so difficult for people to give up their belief in the supernatural?

The feeling of believing gives subjectively security. There is a parallel between paranormal and religious ideas, belief in miracles, for example. Such a belief often arises from a traumatic experience. Many candidates report that they became aware of certain possibilities through blows of fate. If you fail in the test, your life's work is called into question. They have often worked with their method for decades and seem to have had success with it.

How do you explain this when the techniques obviously don't work at all?

Dowsers are successful in many cases because they can intuitively read off the terrain, and there could be something at this point. For example, there are certain plants that can indicate groundwater. We also had someone who said he was able to break up clouds with the power of his thoughts. If you examine this, you will find that many clouds actually spontaneously dissolve on their own, and if you have a bit of experience you can tell that from the shape. But I would like to say again clearly: People do not take in such clues consciously, but intuitively. The dowsing rod hits where the dowser consciously or unconsciously expects it! Then it is drilled and water is found. Great, everyone says. But what do you have to do? You would have to drill five meters away from where the rod has not kicked out, because you would also find water there. But it never happens because it's so expensive.

That is an argument for gut decisions.

Both ways make sense. You can make decisions intuitively, but you should turn on so much brain activity and ask yourself whether something is actually plausible. Most gut decision makers don't do that.

In medicine, however, methods that are not plausible can sometimes have an effect.

Of course you should use such placebo effects! I think that's a wonderful thing. As a child, my family doctor once blasted away a wart with an X-ray machine - only the machine was not switched on at all. It becomes dangerous when scientific medical treatment is ignored in favor of pseudo-medical treatment. If you have cancer, conventional medicine will still help you better than homeopathy.

Can we at least rely on our five senses?

Unfortunately no, our senses can also greatly deceive us. If you put on glasses that make far near and near far and then look at a face, it doesn't look like a hollow head. Our brain says it can't be and automatically corrects the hollow shape. The main message is: we are constantly being fooled. If you are lucky you will notice it, and if you are even more lucky you can even explain why you are wrong. One cannot get rid of deceptions. It is comforting, however, that our assessments work quite reliably in everyday life. We also owe this to natural selection. The monkey that had the wrong idea about the branch it jumped on was not one of our ancestors.

As a hobby magician, you create illusions and supposed miracles. Isn't that dangerous because you are still fueling the belief in miracles?

No serious wizard would say he doesn't use tricks. For example, in order to set matter in motion at a distance, energy has to be transferred. There is no known example in physics where this would have been possible without a measurable exchange. The forces that are known, the weak and the strong nuclear force, gravitation and electromagnetism do not allow that. If real telekinesis succeeded, it would trigger a scientific revolution! Of course there are many things between heaven and earth that are not yet in the books. But, and one must not forget: there are also many things that are in books that do not exist between heaven and earth.

Do you sometimes wish it was different?

I confess that every now and then I have a strange feeling while taking the tests. What do you say now if the candidate is really successful? That would be very exciting! But I would still dare a bet with the highest stakes that paranormal phenomena as we understand them today are based in principle on self-deception - or on hidden tricks.

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